Successfully organized Seminar: Legal aid for the poor person in poor districts 30A region North central country, situation and solutions

Day 18/11/2018 Law faculty, Vinh Uni has successfully organized a science seminar with the title " Legal aid for the poor person in poor districts 30A region North central country, situation and solutions".

Panorama Seminar

Attendance at the Seminar is filled with Scientists, Practitioners in the North Central country region, lectures from Law department, Vinh Uni. Seminar has exchanged, contributed, and contributed valuable opinions from Practitioners, scientists, lectures in the North Central country region for the title and members of the title to complete the Scientific Research works and the ministerial level with the title: "Helping the poor person in poor districts 30A North Central country, situation and solutions ".


Officials level People's Committee Nghe An contribution to the title

Delegate Nghe An Province contributed to the title

The seminar showed the theoretical basis, practical basic and important meaning of the program legal aid for the poor person in the poor districts 30a, thus recognizing the Values are the most important of the titles chosen by the group of authors.

Day 06/09/1997 Prime Minister issued Designation No. 734 / TTg on the establishment of legal aid organization for poor person and beneficiary.

Since then, on the basis of legal aid law in 2006; Legal Aid Law in 2017 is effective from day 1 month 1 the year 2018 and the guiding text, legal aid has grown in both width and depth, achieved the important results.

The legal aid system has been created from central to local, including the Legal Aid Department of the Ministry of Justice and Central Legal Aid in 63 provinces, cities under central control with a large team of specialists and legal aid collaborators.

Organizations Legal aid has played an important role in the response to the need for legal assistance of poor people, beneficiaries and ethnic minorities, and has become an indispensable part of society's law life.

The success of the Seminar can be seen as one important step for author group to continue to perfect and successfully protect their title in next. On the other hand, Seminar has created a space, exchange environment, academic research for lectures at the Law Department, Vinh Uni, demonstrating effective linkages between training institutions and units and agencies, Practitioners, scientists in the North Central region.

Posts: Dr. Nguyễn Văn Đại – Lectures Law Department, Vinh University