At 8 am on April 10, 2019, at the 7th floor of Nguyen Thuc Hao Library, Law Faculty - Vinh University successfully organized the Opening Ceremony of simulated courtroom and the April court case "The murder of the birthday night". Building a simulated courtroom for students is an important milestone, marking the development in the teaching process of the Faculty of Law and facilitating the opening of useful practical experience activities for students.


Attending the ceremony, it is a pleasure to welcome all the delegates and distinguished guests. Towards the Department of Justice: Mr. Hoang Quoc Hao - Director of the Department of Justice in Nghe An province. Towards Procuracy: Mr. Ton Thien Phuong - Director of the Institute the People's Procuratorate Nghe An province. Towards Court: Mr. Ho Dinh Trung - Chief Justice of the People's Court in Nghe An province. Towards Bar Association: Lawyer Ho Xuan Hop - Deputy Head of the Bar Association in Nghe An province. On School Board: Assoc.Prof.Ph.D. Nguyen Huy Bang - School Vice-president and Ph.D. Nguyen Ngoc Hien - School Vice-president. About the Faculty of Law: Ph.D. Head of the Faculty of Law. In addition, the presence of numerous teachers and Faculty of Law students is indispensable.

The ceremony took place in two parts, the first part was the opening ceremony of a simulated courtroom, the second part was the performance of the "Birthday Night" moot court project conducted by the Law practice club of the Faculty of Law.

The show started with excellent music performances from the Club Singing of the Faculty of Law.

Opening ceremony with the speech of Ph.D. Dinh Van Liem - Deputy Head of the Faculty of Law.

Next program, Assoc.Prof.Ph.D. Nguyen Huy Bang and Mr. Ton Thien Phuong gave a congratulatory speech to the Faculty of Law.

The most important part of the ceremony is the ribbon rite opening simulated courtroom by Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Nguyen Huy Bang, Ph.D. Nguyen Ngoc Hien and Ph.D. Dinh Ngoc Thang on behalf of the school and all staff and Faculty of Law students. So from now on, the Faculty of Law student has had another place to study, experience and practice his specialized skills especially in the field of proceedings through the moot court built monthly. At the same time, the Faculty of Law will create many conditions for students to practice at the simulated courtroom to receive enthusiastic guidance from experienced good lecturers and law experts like Judges , Secretary of the Court, Prosecutor, Lawyer of the big Law officer in the area of Vinh city, Nghe An province ... in order to improve and master practice skills through practical activities.

Immediately after the ribbon-pulling rite, the second part of the program was started. The Moot court was performed by the Law Practice Club of the Faculty of Law. The trial assumes that the theme of "The murder of the birthday night" is well presented by students from content to form. The trial attracted and appealed to viewers by the temperament of the judges, the drastic and powerful arguments from the procuracies, defender and lawyers. April case "The murder of the birthday night" is also a wake-up call for each individual on social behavior and legal education to all students in the spirit of compliance with the law.

Moot court is a hallmark of the Faculty of Law in general and Law practice club in particular. From now on, every moot court will be built and implemented in a simulated courtroom, simulated courtroom for students of Faculty of Law - this is a place for students to learn, interact and create excitement, and further motivation to law students follow chasing a passion.

The ceremony took place successfully and left an impression for all guests to attend. We can hope for the development as well as teaching quality of the Faculty of Law and quality output of students is increasingly improved, can meet the requirements of the employer, achieve success in the career that students desire.

Team members Practice Law Club

Stories: Lan Trinh, Thao Nguyen.