The Labor Code is an independent law in the Vietnamese legal system, covering the whole of regulations governing labor relations and relations directly related to labor relations. Not only the Labor law is taught at all training institutions but it also plays an important role in the entrepreneur's training program for employees, including knowledge of wages, vocational training, safety and security.

        The Vietnamese Labor Law curriculum is designed to meet the needs of regular students in Law and Economic Law at Vinh University. Besides, this textbook is also a useful reference for law students engaging both in-service training courses or distance learning courses and others who care. The content of the curriculum is a combination of theory and practice; theory and practical exercises, helping students understand Labor law and then, initially applying the knowledge of legal science to solve problems on their own

         This textbook is written on the basis of acquisition and development of labor law curricula at some other training institutions. Although the textbook was written carefully with many efforts of the collective authors, it still has some limitations, and shortcomings. The authors are pleased to receive the comments and critiques of colleagues, students and readers to complete the textbook in the next edition.

Associate professor. Dr. Nguyen Huu Chi