- To supply qualified human resource for the society, especially in the Northern Central Vietnam as well as legal services for enterprises and the community.

- To communicate, teach basic regulations to raise community’s awareness of legal knowledge, and help them self-protect before anti-social behaviors.

- To contribute to performing missions and objections of strategy for justice sector reform and building the rule of law.


There are 40 lecturers and officers in the Department of Law, including 01 Associate Professor, 05 doctors and 30 masters trained by Vietnamese and international institutions of law (such as England, China, Russia)

The Department is divided to four sections: Administration Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law and Economy – Internationality Law. These sections are responsible for training different subjects.

The Department of Law also organizes Labour Union and Youth Union, as a part of Vinh University’s organizations, to implement Vinh University’s missions

Up on the Decision No 428/QĐ-ĐHV dated April 21, 2016, by the president of Vinh University, the Department of Law is responsible for:

1. Implementing higher education in Law and Economic Law specialties.

2. Implementing training Master's in Law.

3. Teaching subjects of law to non-majored law students of the university.

4. Organizing professional internships for students.

5. Giving legal advices, suggestions for local and regional administrative agencies; contributing to law adjustment through discussions of local parliamentary delegation.